Interview Like A Boss

The next line of corny and cliche I am about to say shall not be held against me.

"Dress For The Job You Want" I recently had an interview for a second job. I feel like to keep in the direction I am going, I need to work in an environment that will help, also the extra money doesn't hurt.I went through several outfits trying to figure out just what to wear. I hadn't been to an interview in 4 years, and wasn't sure if what I wore back then still worked. The "trends" are always changing. The "normal" interview attire was not cutting it for me, I was bored. After multiple breakdowns and freak-outs. I came across this Boss A** vest. I paired this with just a simple v-neck white t-shirt. I am the amazing height of 6'3 so the bottom portion came as a struggle. I found these amazing wide leg pants that of course would not be long enough on me. I fixed that problem! I made them a high waist pant and added a belt. BAM! I did not want to wear heels for some reason, I guess not to scare them completely, so I paired the outfit with my comfy oxfords. I believe the outfit made a statement of my style and exactly what kind of personality I could bring to the work place.

Guess who has a second job?.....


This outfit not only made me feel like I already got the job, but I should already be running the place. This type of style could work on any body type. Needless to say, I was ridiculous that day.

Vest : Cato
Pants: Cato
Boss Attitude: Homemade

If any questions please feel free to contact me!!