My Business Casual

Happy Tuesday!! I am so glad to get a post up for you guys. I have so much going on right now, I was worried there for a second. I had a couple of meetings after work today, but still wanted to be comfortable. I decided to go with my interpretation of business casual.

If you have been following me for awhile then you know I will pick being comfortable over anything.These joggers I would wear everyday if no one noticed :) . The plus is that they have pockets! They can dress down any outfit, but are still suitable for work attire.

The black blazer, I hate to admit is actually not my favorite, but I love the material. It is just cool enough to wear over anything during the summer. I sometimes wear this blazer when I have to pretend to be dressed up :) . 

I saw these shoes in the store and knew I had to have them. They are a size 12!!! I was ecstatic. They are not the most comfortable shoes, but they are cute, so it works haha. The body chain you might have noticed from a couple of post before. I love this thing. It also looks good on the curvy women. The chains sit right were you want it to :)

Nica Woodard